Photoshop Comic Book Coloring: The Basics v2.0 - great for beginners (how to color comic books)

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all right welcome everyone this is

Michael if you've subscribed to this

channel for a while or if you've ever

gone back and looked through my older

videos you've probably came across this

the basics video at least once it's it's

one of my first videos it's almost like

it's 2 years old I think it's got a lot

of traffic it's the only video to ever

have a hundred thousand views so that's

cool but it's a little dated for me now

I've changed my methods slightly in the

way I do certain things especially

special effects that's improved since

then so I sort of wanted to beef this up

for 2016 you know more tips more tricks

so in this new version 2.0 I guess we'll

call it I'm on coloured this image from


real time you know no time-lapse unless

you're skipping ahead which certain no