How to Color Code Who Writes What in Google Docs : Google & Internet Browsers

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hi I'm Skyler and I'd like to show you

how one could color code who writes what

in Google Docs so I'm gonna start by

creating a document first thing I'll do

is click share name it and I'm gonna

send it to one person click Share and

save okay so now two of us can edit this

document and I'm gonna change my color

right off the bat to blue we just saw

Zak pop up here and he's got a little

pink bar under his name

that means when he comments ah like

right there it'll be in pink okay so I'm

gonna start typing in blue all right and

if Zak chooses red we can see him start

to type this is happening in real time

by the way okay now let's say I want to

put a comment in here

that's a chat so comments comment okay

quick comment and that's included

so if Zak puts in a comment say on the