Colour code labels in Gmail / G Suite Tips

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hi this is Steve from the Google apps

tips team here in the UK you can find us

online at our chapter tips com website

you can see here and you can also follow

us on Google+ and on Twitter so today's

video is to show you how to use color

code on your labels in Gmail so here I

am in my Gmail window and I've got a few

labels here one of them here is high

priority and you can see a number of

messages have had this label applied to

them already I can just roll over high

priority not clicking on it just rolling

over clicking on the arrow that pops up

at the end and I can roll up the top

here click on label color and pick a

label color from the palette so I got to

put green on this one and that will

apply straightaway and now if I maybe

click on another one okay and select it