Color Code Ancestry DNA Matches Using a Surname Table 💚💛

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Color-coding your ancestry DNA matches can help you make new discoveries and

know where to research and in this video I'm going to show you how I color code

my ancestors.

Welcome to family history fanatics and today's episode of color-coding your

ancestry DNA matches. Family History Fanatics strives to help you understand

your DNA, climb your family tree, and write your ancestors stories along the

way. Over on ancestry you probably have a DNA list that has unlinked trees, common

ancestors for a few people, no tree links, how are you gonna make sense on some of

your matches? Well color coding can help give you clues as how people might be

related and as you color code the knowns you can then start attacking the

unknowns and when you see one color repeat often chances are that's where

the relationship points may be. So ancestry has 28 colors to choose from,

but I can't really visually tell the difference of all of these colors once

they are strung out as a dots on the previous view that I showed you. So what

I typically do is narrow down to 16 colors. So I have a yellow cluster, I have

a pinky cluster, I have a blueish cluster, and then I have a greenish

cluster. And I take that color cluster and I use the colors on my pedigree

chart. So in essence if I see that medium green that's gonna be my

surname all the way back in time and then you can see where there's a darker

green and then a really dark green and the light green and like a gray and blue

and as you just go down the tree you can see oh these colors are gonna represent