How To Tint Coconut ~ Noreen's Kitchen Basics

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yurina welcome to my kitchen today I'm

going to teach you a really quick and

easy way to color your own coconut at

home this is so simple you won't even

believe it I'm going to show you two

different ways so that you'll have

different ways of making it if you don't

have one way or the other so let's go

see how we color coconut

okay we're gonna teach you guys how to

color your own coconut now this is super

simple and many of you probably already

know how to do this but for those of you

who don't since I was going to color

coconut anyway for a video that I'm

getting ready to do I'm going to show

you how to do this so all you need to

color coconut is obviously coconut so I

have the coconut I need for my recipe

here and I'm actually only going to use

half of it because some of it I don't