How To: Dye clothes back to black! | RIT liquid dye tutorial

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I'm going to show you how to dye

your clothes back to black using this

RIT liquid dye I bought this at a

seymour it was about $4 and you can just

buy it at any arts and crafts store I've

also seen this at Walmart but they never

have the black one so yeah if you want

to hunt for that at Walmart then go

right ahead but um I use this dye to dye

my clothes back to black I originally

started doing this because I had found a

pair of black jeans and they were my

favorite and I still have them and then

they started to wash out and get a

little faded so I wanted to restore them

and I found this dye and I started the

process so this is something that I've

done multiple times and the process that

I use is just what works best for me so

if you just want to see how to get your