DIY SEA GLASS BOTTLES || Easy Sea Glass Tutorial

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hey everyone and welcome to stuff mom's

have time for my name is Rebecca and

today's video is going to be all about

how to make plain regular glass into

very beautiful and colorful sea glass I

looked all over for ways to do this and

the way that I came up with is really

simple so I'm gonna show you guys how to

do that now so I have seen this

beautiful pastel color glass at Hobby

Lobby recently and it looked very much

like sea glass to me and I wanted to

come up with a way to kind of make this

on my own and see if I could learn a

technique that I could dye glass with so

I am going to be using a high gloss Mod

Podge as well as food coloring and I am

going to show you guys how to do this

technique so you really just need a few

ounces of Mod Podge and I would