How to Colour Air Dry Clay

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welcome today's knicks recipes and DIY

crafts hi everyone today I'm going to

show you how to color your air dried

clay that we made on a previous occasion

now this one has already had white added

to it in the first mixing stage and this

one is natural and you can see the color

is slightly yellow too kind of like a

natural color and it dries slightly

transparent so I do like to put some

white in the base to start with so there

we go have a look at my other video

making air dried clay and I'll show you

the recipe and how to make it up to this

stage so today I'll show you how to

color your air dry clay once it's made

in to at this stage the best thing to

use is your acrylics and I'll show you

how to do that first of all we need an

area to place our play onto because the

stick really badly and settle onto your