Minecraft: How To Create Hardened Clay & Change it's Colour! [1.6.1]

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hey guys Jess Q here and welcome to a

video showing you how to make hardened

clay which is this stuff right here that

I'm putting down basically hardened clay

is actually a really good building block

material it may not look that nice but

it will actually protect your house

quite a bit because hardened clay

actually has quite a big resistance from

explosions so say creeper went off for

your house say if you reinforce the

walls with this hardened clay you

probably won't get your whole your house

blown up so it's actually great defense

kind of material I guess it will help if

you're building castles and stuff like

putting hardened clay in the walls but

that's just an idea you can do whatever

you want a bit book yeah basically you

can actually change the color of this

hardened clay but basically I'm going to