Easy Chrome Brush or Spray on Chrome

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hey everyone welcome to another episode of custom spray mods now in this video

I'm going to be using the ALSA easy chrome you've probably seen the video

online there's a black fuel tank and it's gloss black the guy in the video

brushes the chrome on and it looks hazy and then it clears up and looks like

real reflective proper chrome so I'm using that exact same product today so

I've got the Alsa easy chrome base coat and I've got the easy chrome I'm

also gonna try it in a spray can form and try it on a few different things

I've got these plastic speed shapes I'm gonna do some testing on I've also got a

push bike helmet motorcycle helmet I'm also going to use a bumper bar from a

car like this I'm gonna paint that in the chrome and then compare it to a

bumper bar that I've already got that's chrome we can see the difference from

the painted chrome and the real chrome check it out so the first step to

getting this awesome chrome painted finish is to get a great gloss black

base coat the base coat needs to be gloss and dry so I'm going to spray

these parts in a gloss black from this aerosol can then we'll move on to the

next step

I'm also going to apply the chrome paint to this bumper bar and I spray this push

bike helmet in the chrome paint I'm also gonna spray this motorcycle helmet in

the Alsa chrome paint now I'm gonna start preparing the bumper bar this is

got a silver paint that's not too a good condition I'm gonna stand it with some

320 grit sandpaper on this machine then I'm gonna spray some 2k etch primer this is