Perfect Cake Pop Coating & Dipping | Cake Decorating Tutorial with Kris Galicia-Brown

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before we melt our candy coating I

wanted to discuss some terminology with

you I use two terms a lot candy wafers

and candy coating candy wafers are this

in solid state they're these disks that

you can find in arts and crafts stores

in taking candy supply stores they come

in different brands and many different

colors candy coating is this in its

liquid form it's also referred to as

candy melts or chocolate this is very

easy to work with you don't need to

temper them they melt at a higher degree

similar to white chocolate and they stay

liquid and fluid for a lot longer before

they Harden just know that you cannot

substitute regular chocolate at all for

making cake pops only use products that

specify they're for dipping so when you

melt these different brands you get

different textures I wanted to show you