How to color chickens with food coloring

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hi guys so we're gonna search an alot of

you guys does it use watch our channel

so we're going to try it out and it's

kind of person having a kids because oh

there's a lot of us so we can all do a

lot of different things so today we're

going to be diving chicken get some

sugar so all you need for this is a

toothbrush and some food coloring they

do have pet die but I feel like this is

a little bit safer and it's not a lot

like quicker and distributed easier so

first you have to wash your chicken

disguise well that was a dies gonna

start on more and also before she's had

a triple blog and like it's kind of baby

now because she's better than a lot but

not so bad because she's been on time so

we're kind of going to be like a chicken

alright I'm going to watch your movie

right back if the were missing we're