How To... Use Basic Conditional Formatting with an IF Statement in Excel 2010

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hi everybody this is Eugene O'Loughlin

lecture in computing at the National

College of Ireland and welcome to my

series of short how-to videos in this

video we're going to learn how to use

basic conditional formatting with an if

statement in Excel 2010 so let's see

first of all take a look at what we want

to achieve economy here I've got a list

of students in this case just by letter

to anonymize the data in column B I've

got the grade they achieved on an

assignment in percentage and then in

column C I've got two indications as to

how well the TAS has done each cell and

represents tells me whether the student

has passed or failed the pass mark in

this test was 40 percent so any value 40

percent or over will have the word pass

inserted here and any value less than 40

will be have the word fail inserted here