Excel: Change CELL COLOR based on VALUE of ANOTHER CELL

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hi it's just a time well at blue peek

and computer training and in this video

we're going to look at formatting a cell

based on the value in another cell so

I'm going to look at a number of

scenarios here the first one is where we

have some sales amounts and we want to

measure them against this target so if

the sales matter has met the target it

will change to one color and if it

hasn't met the target it will change to

another color and we want this to all be

kind of automatic now just not to

confuse issue so I'll just type the

current background color off I'll be

font color not a good idea let's tick

background color and what I'm going to

do first of all is I'm going to select

all of the cells that I want to

potentially format then what I do is I

go up to the Home tab on my ribbon about