How to Make Your Own Colored Caulk

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hi I'm Joey Kowski and welcome to

do-it-yourself with Joe in this video

I'm gonna show you how to make your own

color caulk first some things you will

need you will need color chalk the kind

used for chalk lines a tube of white

latex caulk a small thin screwdriver

needle nose pliers paint stick and some

rags start by removing the plunger from

the backside of the caulk first use the

small screwdriver to create space for

the knee nose pliers then use the pliers

to remove the plunger

remove the from the tube with paint

stick mix the on something

non-porous I use a piece of floor tile

if you use something porous it will dry

out the caulk too quickly


start adding the color chalk and mix

thoroughly antique if the color you need