How to Decorate with Cake Lace | Global Sugar Art

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hi I'm chef Alan Tatro with global sugar

our and today we're going to talk about

cake lace I'm gonna show you how to make

the lace how to put it on the lace mats

how to remove it how to paint it or to

color it and how to apply it to cakes

and show you various things that you can

do with cake lace we'll start by talking

about the mats a little bit

there are basically two or three types

of mats you can get really nice lace

patterns and when we refer to lace it

doesn't have to be a lace pattern it can

be silhouettes it can be words like on

this cake so the lace mats have really

evolved to have all kinds of

applications in cake decorating for the

mix that you use to apply in these mats

you can purchase mixes pre-made like our

alan Tatro brand we have a premium lace

mix that is paralyzed or we have more of