Paint tool SAI Tutorial - How to colour inside the lines/Clipping group

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Hey everyone and Welcome back to my second tutorial

My name is Yamio and I hope you enjoyed this video please hit the like button or subscribe

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This is um how to color inside the lines

tutorial, a base tutorial also called

clipping group or opacity lock and

It's- I'm going to cover it quite a much, so please pay attention and if you have any questions, please ask them below. Thank you

ok first off

I'm going to teach you guys a shortcut, y'know the selection tool?

And every time like sometimes you have this little dot and you're trying to color something

And you have no idea where that dot is, and you always have to go outside and click there, so if doing that just click

Control D

Control D

Okay with my big and small letters

Control D. Then it just selects or deselects everything

And it's really really handy and it works no matter what [tool] you're using.

Also one thing you can know is to inverse it. To invert everything else selected

Like this, you go to [Selection]

Inverse and click [i] and then you can color inside that thing or outside


It's very handy and you will it often when you're getting more used to Paint Tool SAI