Dyed Deviled Eggs

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all right so I've already got my eggs

hard-boiled and they are peeled they're

in refrigerator being cold and now I'm

going to make up the dyes for this all

I've got is coffee cups here with 3/4 of

a cup of water in each one all the

instructions online say to add 3 drops

of food coloring per cup they don't give

it a an exact amount of water but they

say to add 3 drops food coloring and

also vinegar now your egg whites are

going to be sitting in this and soaking

and I don't want my egg whites tasting

like vinegar as well when I did three

drops of food coloring for these it made

the eggs taste absolutely disgusting

food coloring has a very distinctive

flavor and with so much food coloring

that flavor gets into the eggs and they

were unedible to me

so one drop for 3/4 of a cup is