How To Dye Easter Eggs With Food Coloring

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today I'll show you how to dye up these

vibrant colorful eggs for Easter with

just some vinegar food coloring and

boiling water I'll show you how fast and

easy is to whip these up if any kids

will love to do this I'll show you how

next all right guys

to make the perfect hard-boiled egg with

no green yolk you want to put 12 eggs

into a pot here I only have eleven but

that's just fine

I filled it with cool water to one inch

above the eggs and now I'm going to

bring this up to a boil over medium heat

in the meantime in my other pot here I

have six to eight cups of water that I'm

also bringing to a boil and that'll be

for our dye alright guys so my eggs have

come to a boil here so the next thing

I'm going to do is turn off the heat I'm

going to cover it with a lid and I'm