How to Safely Bleach Natural Hair Black to Blonde | Dyeing Short Natural Hair | Nia Hope

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all right so I'm about to dye my hair a

blonde for the first time ever in my

life and to be 100% honest with you guys

I'm kind of nervous

the first thing I'm gonna do is comb out

my hair feel like I'm equally excited as

I am nervous right now I think the most

important thing to know while you're

bleaching your hair is measurements and

timeframes so the application process is

super easy but it's the measurements and

the timeframe and what I mean by

timeframe is how long you keep all these

chemicals on your hair those are like

that's so important and for me it's even

more important as a first timer I'm sure

this was like my hundredth time I'd

probably do this in my sleep and not

really measure too much but it's my

first time I'm doing this on completely