How To Tint Your Eyebrows for SUPER LIGHT BROWS- Just For Men Beard Dye

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right you guys today's the day we are

gonna go diving eyebrows hopefully this

goes well I've actually gotten my

eyebrows tinted since I was like a

freshman or sophomore I think in high

school I love it because I have a lot of

like eyebrow hair the colors just super

light so I've been doing that for quite

a while but I'm going to Toronto for

five months because Dakota is up there

playing football and I want to be able

to have eyebrows so I'm gonna test it

out I've always just been really curious

because I know people do it themselves

so I'm kind of like I feel like I could

do it I picked up everything from CBS

just now and we are officially good to

go all we need to get is some coffee and

then we're ready to go oh my gosh I look

so crazy without eyebrows don't I I

can't believe I used to like never do