Advice on dying your hair from Blonde back to Dark (Part 1)

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hey guys welcome back to brick amir

videos video blog today I'm gonna be

talking about going from blond back to

dark again alright I think I said this

alright touch to the subject in a

previous video but I wanted to go a

little more in-depth because I felt like

a few you didn't really understand

exactly how it works so again I'm gonna

take on a long handy dandy chart here of

long dark okay so here you see a level

one for conversations sake and then here

you see a level 10 okay anyone who's

been around here before dark hair and

wanted to get somewhere here before has

probably turned orange or yellow or like

brassey's what they call it I knew

realize that Cole from here to here is

not an easy feat and it takes time and

you got to lift your hair you got to

bleach it out and you got to tone it if