Colorize Black and White with Realism in Photoshop

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hey there this is animation pics in

perfect and today we can learn one of

the most realistic ways to color black

and white images especially the skin in

Photoshop by using color palettes also

we'll learn how to literally paint as

some areas with different colors to meet

the skin look more natural instead of

having the same tone throughout so how

do we make all these palettes and color

changes well there so a and interesting

one look without any further ado let's

get started so here we are get in the

mystical world of Photoshop finish her

go ahead and download this photo and

follow along you know to do check the

links in the description so here we have

a black and white image now before we go

ahead and color him here is the trick

you need to open a reference image with

similar lighting which is colored so I'm