How To Color Bath Salts {Simple Secrets}

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Coloring Bath Salts

Our goal is to achieve beautifully colored bath salts.

There are a few different ways to color bath salts.

One technique is to use dye powders in glycerin.

Add the liquid mixture to your bath salts.

The glycerin sits on the salt crystals and keeps the color there too!

Our second method is blending an oil based color with fragrance.

Mix the powder with fragrance or essential oil.

Drizzle the mixture onto the salts.

Use gloved hands to mix.

Spread out you bath salt to dry before packaging.

The last method is to use mica powder with rubbing alcohol.

Spray the salt heavily with rubbing alcohol.

Mix in your mica color.

Mix with gloved hand to incorporate.

The alcohol with evaporate and leave the color on your bath salts!

All methods end with beautifully colored bath salts!