2 Quick Ways to Change Artboard Colors - Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

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hello everyone and welcome to this

illustrate equipped tutorial today I'm

going to show you two ways of quickly

changing your artboard background color

so the first way will go to file we go

to document setup and right here we

click on this box and this is where we

choose our background color we're going

to give it a pastel teal color with that

you press ok and then you have to check

this box stimulate colored paper once

you press that okay we've changed our

background color now the other way is if

you have multiple artboards and you want

to change the background of just one of

them you have to do something else

you're gonna have to draw a box over top

of that artboard with a new background

color we'll say it's blue right here and

then you're gonna have to go to object

lock and lock that selection so now it's