[TUTORIAL] How to Color Anime Skin!

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before we start the video I have an

Instagram I use it more than YouTube

it's my main social media and also I

have a patreon bye welcome back to your

favorite YouTube channel I'm gonna teach

you how to shade skin only the face

though cuz I was trying to do this

tutorial earlier but it was kind of

dragging on and I don't want this

tutorial to be overwhelming and long I

just wanted to be short and simple

alright so today's tutorials on skin and

skin is a very delicate thing alright

it's like a main part and you're drawing

it's very easy to mess up and if you

mess up it could be because of the color

scheme it's too like ugly or it could be

like the shading placement which is like

yeah it's kind of hard but skin has a

delicate part in art and it's one of

like the main features of your thing