Anime Hair Coloring Tutorial 2019- Paint Tool Sai 2

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hey everyone I'm back thanks for

watching my last video for this video

I'm going to do a hair coloring tutorial

I think that was the most requested one

from the other video so I'll be doing

hair this video in the next video I'll

be doing skin so I already have a

drawing that I finished already and then

you're just gonna want to put your base

color down let me turn this down a

little bit there we go so you just want

to put your base color down and then

make sure you zoom in and get these

little white spots you don't want any

spots left on your drawing

see this little white spots here just

fill those in you see any

okay so on the base color I make a

clipping group and I'm just using a

pencil tool right now it'll be pen tool

or pencil tool for your whoever is using