How to Color Clothing Folds and Wrinkles with Colored Pencils!

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ell everyone in this week's video I'm

going to be showing how to draw clothing

faults and wrinkles with color pencils

also I've had a cold so I sound like

I've had a cold anyways on to the video

in this video I'm coloring a sweater

that is kind of loose and made of a

thicker material because the sweater is

loose and made of a thicker material we

will get a lot of wrinkles and the

wrinkles will be pretty bulky wrinkles

like to appear around the armpits elbows

wrists waist and because the sweater is

baggy around the bottom of the sweater

for coloring the sweater I recommend

using three colors you don't have to use

the same colors as me but in case you do

the colors aren't using our sky blue

light Caribbean Sea and denim blue I

also use a white later if I forgot to

show that I'm going to start with my