Highlight Your Hair Like a Professional Stylist at Home | How to Highlight Your Hair Tutorial

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hey hair lounge community its Angelina

here at the hair lounge today I'm gonna

show you how I do baby highlights on my

own hair that way if you decide to cheat

on your own hair stylist and you want to

try it at home at least you can have a

few tips and tricks to try out stay

tuned and I'll get right into it


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video I'll be using my tint Bowl my Paul

Mitchell tint brushes the Paul Mitchell

blonde synchro lifts 20 and 30 volume my

pink firm are oils some butterfly clips

a duckbill clip and my trusty weaving

comb I already did my synchro lift

inside the tint bowls I only did a half

of scoop in each side this side will

have 20 volume and this side will have