HOW TO: highlights and hair color

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hey guys were back with Ali again you've

been with her through her whole hair

journey seeing what's been going on we

started with the drip dye then we

retouched it then we took it out then we

turned her into highlights and now

actually what we're gonna do the last

time you've seen her we had highlights

and lowlights in there but what's

happened is because Ali's hair is quite

blond the high are started the lowlights

faded out pretty quickly so what we're

gonna do cuz we really want the goal is

to break up this natural color and the

blonde on the end so now what I'm gonna

do instead of just putting in a low

light I'm actually gonna put in a full

head of foils and do a color in between

so I'm gonna show you guys exactly how

we do that and it's gonna look great her

wedding is next week so we're really