How To Color In Adobe Illustrator Like A BOSS!!!

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what's good YouTube this your boy

SeaWorld back a child again with another

adobe illustrator tutorial and today I

will be showing you how to color in

Illustrator like I'm already looking

into it because I ain't gonna be making

a video like most people you know how

they make you watch like 5 minutes into

it then at the end of the video they get

to the point brah I got you angle do

none of this my friend John right

into it so we're gonna start out by I'm

gonna just draw just draw a simple

picture ain't gonna call this simple

it's gonna be dope you know I'm seeing

you boys just naturally dope anyway


what is that Oh what is that bro

I know this ain't the best looking

freezer in the world

but I remind you this is just a how to