How to Color like a Pro | Adobe Photoshop

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hey there today I'll be showing you how

to color your artwork using Adobe

Photoshop in cs6

now the techniques I'm going to show you

you can use any version of Photoshop you

like this is just one way to color your

artwork now what you want to do is

capture your artwork using a digital

handheld device or digital camera and

get that onto your computer once you get

that onto your computer you want to open

it up in Photoshop and here's how to do

it you open up photoshop go to file in

the top menu bar select open and from

here you want to navigate to where you

saved your photo from select that image

and select open from here your image

should appear on your Photoshop

workspace now what you want to do from

this point is turn your image into a

black and white photo so to do that you