Gimp: Coloring Picture and Line Drawing

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In this video I would like to show you a way,

to color a line drawing or a coloring picture.

When we have opened our picture, the first thing we will do,

is to zoom in by holding Ctrl and turning the mouse wheel.

Most coloring pictures will show quit big pixels, depending on the size of the picture.

We can change this by re scaling our image.

Go to image in the menu bar and then to scale image.

For this particular image we will double the size.

Click scale.

There are much more pixels visible now, so the lines will be smoother,

but we can also see pixels in gray and even in color.

Make the whole image visible again by going to view, zoom and then fit image in window.

In this picture the lines of one of the eyes and the lines of the mouth

are not so strong, compared with the rest of the image.

So we will work on them first.

Go to the toolbox and select the free selection tool.

Zoom in and select the area around the eye.

When we are close to our starting point,

we can double click so the selection will close itself.

Go to the menu bar and click colors and threshold.

Right away we can see that the lines become black, without gray pixels anymore.