8 Ways To Dye Easter Eggs 🐣 How To Dye Easter Eggs

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hi everyone

I tried a bunch of a diet experiments

and in this video I'll be showing you

eight fun ways to die easter eggs for

the first one you'll just need a white



you can draw a design all over the egg

or you can choose to write someone's

name or an initial I chose to do kind of

a swirl pattern all over the egg and I

can faintly see this while I'm working

although it doesn't really show up on

camera it is there and then just put the

egg in some dye all clear after it's

been in there a few minutes your design

magically appears on the egg and then I

like to just dry them off after and

that's it for the white crayon designs

the next trick is to use stickers to

create a design on the egg I found these