ShopBuilt - How to Anodize Aluminum!

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going on YouTube so let's probably

imagine ever since I started building

these these flip stops I want been

wanting to try anodizing in the shop

instead of send them out but always a

little bit afraid of the process then

chuckle whatever posted it and izing

video just a couple of weeks ago and it

kind of broke the fear for me I went

ahead and ordered all the stuff but to

be honest with you I've had a lot of

trouble over the last couple weeks but I

think I got a pretty good process going

now so I just want to give you guys a

whole bunch of information on and izing

and the shortest videos possible so let

me see how I make out with this

disclaimer before we get started I'm no

professional anodizing I just started

doing this couple weeks ago and I just

been researching off the internet a few