Corrected Version on How to Paint the Foil for Altered Paper Clip Charm Project

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hey there it's Nathalie and I'm back I

want to show you I I had so many

compliments and good comments on making

this little altered paperclip I put it

on a necklace and I want to show you I

just assumed that people know how to do

stuff and not everybody knows how to do

stuff so and I'm like the queen of doing

stuff so I'm going to show you how to do

the the foil that I use on this they

can't I thought for a while the cat ate

it all she's sitting right over there

but anyway because I couldn't find it

couldn't find it but to do like a ver de

gray copper effect I've just got like a

regular piece of foil that I've crunched

up a little bit and I'm not just crunch

it up and she's already laid on this so

I you know it's already been crushed a

little bit my son says oh cats on your