Alternating Row and Column Colors and Other Formatting Options in Excel

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hello this is dr. grande well

toy video and alternating row and column

colors using Microsoft Excel so I have

here some fictitious data and an Excel

worksheet and I'll show you how to use

conditional formatting to alternate the

colors of the rows and of the columns so

we of course can do this without

conditional formatting so let's say I

wanted to alternate the row formatting

so I would take say column Row 3 here

and then press ctrl and then row 5 and

then row 7 so I can highlight all these

I can select all these cells and then go

up to the color unless I want to make it

like gray so that takes some time you

have to select all the ranges manually

but there's another problem with this

say that we want to insert another

record into this data set it's going to

throw off the formatting so it added