RAINBOW POPCORN - How to make Popcorn Series 03 - Rainbow S09

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Hi and a fun welcome to Steve's Kitchen today's popcorn is all about color

its all about fruit we going to be making rainbow popcorn

we're going to start off with a plain popcorn with a beautiful color on it and then

add our flavoring to it come on let's get on and make

our colored popcorn

Now youare going to want

a pan with a thick bottom and a lid on it I'm going to put half a cup

oil vegetable oil into there a quarter of a cop of popping corn

and quarter of a cup of white sugar

now we need to introduce color into our popcorn at this stage so take a gel


I've got a sky blue here just going to pop some blue just two or three drops

probably a couple at the most and that's the basis

now we're going to take that over to the stove and start to heat this up

now over on the stove we want to turn it up onto a high heat

and then what you going to do is just mix all these ingredients together

get the color to start to blend with the sugar what I like to do is just sort of shake

the pan around

in a circular motion and just stir like that now fortunately for us

our corn will start to pop at the same sort of temperature that our caramel starts

to form