How I dye my natural hair at home no bleach featuring Sally Beauty Supply

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hey beauties it's a girl Makeba AKA wine

i keep and i have teamed up with Sally

Beauty to bring y'all this fall inspired

hair color tutorial for this look I'm

gonna be using L'Oreal's high colour in

magenta if you have a lot of hair you

might need to I did only end up using

one though l'oreal high color in red

violet 30 volume developer a plastic

mixing bowl with brush and please do not

forget the gloves so let's go back into

time this was my hair before coloring it

it is virgin it has not been colored in

years upon years upon years so you're

gonna want to grab an old towel because

it's about to get messy and I started

out by sectioning my hair into five

parts you're gonna grab a hair tie clip

whatever you have that you can section

all your hair off then I'm gonna start