How To Draw Pikachu (with color)

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Hey art friends, we're so glad you're with us!

We hope you're going to follow along

Who are we drawing today?

Pikachu! You ready to start? YES!

Let's first draw his eyes right in the middle of the paper

towards the top.

And we're going to draw two circles and we want to

and we want to space about just a little bit too

so we're going to draw the first circle

right here and we're going to leave a

space and we're going to draw the other

circle over here and we want both

circles to be the same size.


Like right here?

Yeah, that's a good spot.

Perfect, now we're going to draw the

reflection in his eyes

we're going to draw another circle up

here in the top right and then another

circle on this one in the top left.