How to Put Color in a Table in Microsoft Word : Microsoft Word Doc Tips

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hi I'm Shannon grossie with versatile

software training and I'm here to show

you how to add color to your word tables

I have a document in front of me where

there's already a table and I'd like to

make some things stand out in it so I've

got my first row which is my title and

I'm going to select it so if I take my

mouse outside of the row and I click

I've selected that whole row and then up

in my ribbon

I have table tools that I can work with

if I come here to the design tab I have

this shading button I can use and I can

click on that and I can choose any color

in here so I'm going to choose one of

these blue colors and then the second

row I'm going to also color so I'm going

to come out to the left of that row I'm

going to do a different color on that

one back up to shading and a darker blue