How to Paint a Styrofoam Earth Globe : Fun & Decorative Crafts

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hi I'm Emily o Cunha and this is how to

paint a Styrofoam earth globe this

sounds like it might be something you

have to do for school or a science

project so I'm going to run through that

with you for this you will need

styrofoam balls you'll need some paint

so I have some green and blue paint and

then you'll definitely need a glass of

water to rinse your brushes out with and

you can use cardboard or tin foil

something to put your paint on in to

wipe your brush on if you are doing this

for a science project you know it might

not be a bad idea to have a globe on

hand just for reference don't be afraid

to dip your brush in the water a little

bit it helps just with spreading once

you have all the continents painted it's

just a matter of filling in the blanks

umm there's your globe definitely try