Designing Custom Banners & Shields! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 94]

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hello everyone my name is Pixar IFS and

welcome back to the Minecraft Survival

Guide hope you guys are having a good

day today I thought for a change of pace

we would look at something a little bit

different today we're going to be

looking at banners and how they can be

designed for maximum effects to add to

your world and what they're just

generally useful for oh I've broken my

floor brilliant great start to the video

so today we're gonna look at banners and

the many things you can do with them and

I've been gathering a few supplies

specifically these wither skeleton

skulls so I can try and show you as much

as possible about banners from within

the game because there are some very

useful external tools which we will get

to in a short amount of time that we can

use to test out banner designs before