How to draw a colorful bird (Rooster) - Faber castell polychromos pencils.

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hi guys today I am going to show you how

to draw a rooster these are the tools

that I am going to use for this drawing

I have used cans and see a green paper

faber castell polychromos pencils though

in battery-operated eraser and baby oil

blending and this is the list of colors

that I am going to use for this drawing

this is for the sake of completion and

go not going to say their actual names

while explaining because most of them

have long period names so instead I am

going to mention red orange purple etc

this is the outline of the drawing you

can draw from this or you can choose

your own image and use that instead for

the sake of easy understanding I am

going to zoom in the area that I am

currently working on so you will get a

grasp of what is really happening this

drawing took me around two and a half