5 Fun Rock Painting Ideas! ☀️ Summer Craft Ideas

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hi everyone in this week's video we'll

try out five different fun rock painting

ideas idea number one is to create

flip-flops or shoes so you need two

rocks that are similar in size and shape

so I picked this one that is kind of a

flip-flop shape and then I painted that

with a couple coats of turquoise acrylic

paint until it was well coated then once

that was dry I took a pencil and I

started to sketch in the shape of the

straps on the flip-flop then once I was

happy with that

I took some purple acrylic paint and

started to fill in that shape that I

sketched and I did a couple coats of

this purple acrylic paint until that was

well coated as well so it looked like

this and if he wanted this to be easier