How To Draw Ariel The Little Mermaid

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here at France today we're gonna draw

area yeah we're gonna drop the Little

Mermaid we hope you're gonna fall along

with us yes something to draw with and

some paper you're ready to start yes


now sometimes during our lessons we'd go

too fast right what can our friends do

at home yes if you need extra time you

can always pause the video okay we're

going to start by drawing Ariel's eyes

right in the middle of our paper and

we're gonna draw two circles I'm gonna

draw there's one and there's another one

I'm drawing kind of small huh you can

draw bigger there you go I'm gonna make

these a little bit bigger once we color

them in but before we do that let's draw

a smaller circle inside ah there we go

and then I'm gonna draw even smaller

down here at the bottom or weak man you