How to Color a State, County or Country Map in a PowerPoint Slide •

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welcome to the world of maps how-to

videos this video will show you how easy

it is to color one of our USA editable

maps so you can have an effective

PowerPoint presentation let's get right

into it today we're going to be working

with one of our USA maps and this is a

completely editable map every element on

here is individual and what that means

is that I can click on it with my

pointer you can tell something is

selected because you'll see those eight

handles around the outside and this can

be pulled out to individual object that

can be customized and changed so now

that I have it selected I'm going to go

over to my fill palette and this is

working or working in PowerPoint today

and some people's PowerPoint may look a

little different there are many

different versions out there so I'm