How to Make a Colorful Mandala in Procreate | iPad Pro Tutorial

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hey guys what's up it's aaron here from

petit planner and today we will be doing

some more procreate so today's video we

will be doing a colorful mandala in

procreate and i'm going to show you

every step along the way but first i

wanted to let you know that this video

does have a sponsor and i'm sponsor is

skill share skill share is an online

learning community with over 25,000

online courses in a variety of topics

including entrepreneurship business

creation design anything you can think

of i have taken a number of classes on

there to improve my own photography for

my business but i've also used it just

in my personal life so just recently

i've really gotten into a course that is

called layering colors and textures in

procreate and it's been a ton of fun to