How To Dye Hair: Honey Blonde 🍯 (Ombre) | Super Easy! | Chinalacewig

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so today's video comes courtesy of China

lace wigs you guys know I love my

friends over at China lace wigs they

sent over one of their hot new items

this is a 10 inch deep wave bob and this

is what this beautiful specimen looks

like it is a 360 lace week and what's

really cool is they have a new item and

basically it's their dream lace this

lace literally is a dream it's super

soft and this is what I'm talking with

the 10 inch Bob I really really really

love it

the lace is amazing but I felt like it

needed a little bit of opal because it

was 10 inches and it was currently I

feel like I could have slayed it so well

but I kind of wanted some color you guys

know I'm obsessed so I'm gonna take this

L'Oreal click blue I went to Sally's and