How To Color Fill Your Gun

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pleasant place everything's nice here

okay now that with a large brush I want

to create the illusion of the mist all

I'm gonna do here it's just tap just tap

the base is 10 I hope you've enjoyed

this one it'll certainly teach you how

to use all the equipment and have a lot

of fun from all of us happy painting and

God bless

hey everybody welcome to the gun Meister

today I'm going to show you how to do

something I get asked about a lot so

basically it's this how do you get the

lettering of your gun to be colored it's

actually really simple and I'm going to

show you today how to do it you're going

to need some old rags an old gift card

or old credit card does it matter you're

gonna need the color of your choice

fingernail polish

I think fingernail polish works the best